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LtB Trouble In Terrorist Town(TTT)

1. Do not Random Deathmatch (a.k.a RDM; Do not kill players without sufficient proof)
2. Do not mic/chat spam (Do not make random words or sounds, yell into your microphone, or flood chat)
3. Do not disrespect players.  This includes racism, sexism, or any form of bigotry and social ignorance (Faggot, Nigger, etc.)
4. Do not force a player into a traitor tester (Unless you are a detective)
5. Do not revenge RDM (Do not kill a player because you are angry with them, or they broke the rules)
6. Do not exploit or glitch the map (Do not cause infinite explosions, get outside the map, or get somewhere that's not meant to be accessed)
7. Do not hack (Do not use a script or code that is not being used by the server)
8. You may kill suspicious followers AFTER giving 3 warnings, 5 seconds apart. (Just because they are walking with you down a one-way hallway does NOT mean they are following you.)
9. Do not prop kill (Do not use a prop to throw at a player and cause them damage or kill them. This rule does not apply to Traitors.)
10. Do not call out fellow traitors, or kill them to make yourself look innocent.
11. Do not Ghost (Do not in anyway give a living player information on the game in progress while you are dead)
12. Do not excessively Traitor Bait (Intentionally trying to get players to kill you while you are innocent)
13. Do not use deceitful names (Names such as "It", "Him", "Her", "Someone", "A Traitor", etc.)
14. Do not randomly call out (Having players kill others or say a player is a traitor with out reason)
15. Claiming certain areas and rooms is prohibited


-Throwing grenades randomly or in any place that could harm or kill another player could get you called KOS.  Doing so while innocent is bannable.
-Do not defuse your Traitor buddy's C4. Also, do not complain if their C4 kills you, as you've had at least 45 seconds to get out of the way.
-You may not kill someone simply because they are called out you still must have some form of proof
-Holding out a traitor weapon, unless you got it off a dead traitor and are proven, is KOSable (Though you should put it away if this is the case anyways)
-Randomly firing off bullets can be considered Traitor baiting and can cause you to be called KOS. Also, excessively doing this can get you banned.
-Ignoring an un-identified body is considered a traitorous act and can result in your KOS.

Owners: JD (John D), RENEGADE18X
Superadmins: Saffalon, Hiccup, Matt
Admins: Conn, BeAtz, Bojangalo, CookieSoldier
Operators: circuitbawx, Randy the Bandicoot, Alyfay16, Cross, Greatie, [FiM] Lyra, Pride The Arrogant

Rules written by Pride, edited by JD
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