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LtB's Serious Fallout Role-play

- Staff -
Owners: Matt, John D (JD)
Super Admin: circuitbawx,Guard55, Toaster Knight, Pride the Arrogant
Admins:Conn, Angeal
Operators:Weighted Companion Cube, Zorazi
1.No Powergaming/MetaGaming
*Powergaming is the act of forcing an action onto another player without giving them a chance to make a returning action
*Metagaming is the act of using OOC information in an IC situation. You may not know where a player is if he or she said it in OOC chat.

2. No Punchwhoring,Mingerunning,Mingejumping
*Punchwhoring is using the fist weapon to kill or knockout a player without proper RP. This will lead to a long term Ban
*Mingeruning is running away from an RP event(Being tied or threatened with death) without proper RP Even with a /ME you must aalways give the participating RPer a chance to react before fleeing. THis will result in a kick or short term ban
*Mingejumping is simply jumping around randomly. This is not a major offence but is annoying for most players. This will result in a kick

3. No exploiting glitches 
*This includes and is not limited to: Using props/entities to get to unrealistic heights or escape a RP situation, Using entities to get through locked doors, and using any backdoor coded into the game mod 

4. No prop abuse of any kind 
Prop killing/Spamming/Pushing/ will lead to a Perma ban if severe enough. If you have a history of being a malicious player the ban will not be lifted.

5. No OOC Racism/Sexism
*It is bad to hate somebody for their Skin color or gender. ICly Racism/Sexism is allowed but if all your Characters are racist you will be warned and have all your characters deleted.

6. No sexually explicit details on the server. We keep a PG-13 environment on the server at all times but should you decide to do explicit acts keep it private and have it fade to black (Remember while it is OOCly ok, Icly your Character can be punished for their actions)

7. No "Joke" RP 
* Role-playing an insane character is ok but doing everything intentionally stupid is not ok. make sure your role-playing is serious, coherent, well explained, and makes sense.
( Eg. Don't run at an Enclave Soldier swinging your fists at them, Don't attempt to fight a pack of Deathclaws unless properly armed)

Semi-Serious RP





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