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Forum » Zombie Roleplay » Server Discussion » 0.8 Pre-release Update (We're getting close)
0.8 Pre-release Update
GreatieDate: Saturday, 2013-03-30, 6:31 AM | Message # 1
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NOTE: This update took a long time to make, so you might've seen some of the features over time.

[ADDED]Chat tags.
[ADDED]Antlion event.
[UPDATED]HUD. The hunger bar should be wayyy more obvious than before, it's highlighted as green.
[UPDATED]Map. Much much more, with node ai, so that all zombies are intelligent.
[ADDED]Glowsticks, you now glow in the dark.
[ADDED]Flashlight meter... you have to recharge it over time.
[CHANGED]Stamina lasts a bit longer.
[ADDED]Random weapon spawns. Great for combine, or antlion events.
[UPDATED]Chat box.
[CHANGED]The cost of ammo. It's cheaper now. SMG/Rifle ammo used to be 80 dollars, now 60. Shotgun used to be 50, now 40. Pistol price is still the same, but give you more ammo now (used to be 24, but now 30).
[CHANGED]The price of killing zombies. It was 10, now 15.
[ADDED]AFK script. It now tells you when you're afk and when you're not. If the server is full (which is never going to be for a long time), it will start kicking people in 5 minutes.
[ADDED]Crossbow ammo. 30 for 3 of them.
[REMOVED]Lots of jobs. Most we're useless anyways. Use your imagination now.
[ADDED]Player fractions. Mostly introduced when the combine event started, if you're a certain job, then the NPCs will not attack you (E.G, zombie job will allow zombies not to attack you).

Owner of LtB ZombieRP, a server with lots of experimentation!
Forum » Zombie Roleplay » Server Discussion » 0.8 Pre-release Update (We're getting close)
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