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Forum » TTT Discussion » Ban Appeals » Tetra's Ban Appeal (Denied.)
Tetra's Ban Appeal
TetraDate: Wednesday, 2013-03-27, 4:54 PM | Message # 1
Group: Blocked
Messages: 2
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Status: Offline
Steam ID: (This is in the format of STEAM_0:0:0000000, not the link you set for your profile)  STEAM_0:1:30964927

In game name:  Tetra

Date Banned: 27/03/13

Admin who banned you: Pride

Ban Length: Permanent

Type of ban (Class ban or server ban): IDK, Server?

Explain why you feel this ban is unjustified (Why you should be unbanned): I didn't do anything wrong. I killed a T because I heard them kill someone, or I thought I did. Turned out they were a T but hadn't killed anyone. Then apparently I threatened to DDOS the server, but I'd appreciate screenshots of me saying this.

Any evidence you have (Screenshots, Demos, etc):N/A

Sad, sad, troll.
RenegadeDate: Wednesday, 2013-03-27, 9:15 PM | Message # 2
Group: Super+
Messages: 59
Status: Offline
Quote (Tetra)
apparently I threatened to DDOS the server

Typically a DDOS ban isn't a mistake. This will be investigated further.
PrideTheArrogantDate: Wednesday, 2013-03-27, 10:11 PM | Message # 3
Rhodesian Leader
Group: Super+
Messages: 99997
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You're shitting me, right? I showed the chat to John D AND hiccup, here you go pal.

Denied, locked.

The best part is you thought you were going to get away with this, what would you think would happen if you told me(an admin) you were going to DDOS, then bullshit like you never said it and want to see screenshots.

Added (2013-03-27, 10:11 PM)
Part 2 in case you want it:

DarkRP superadmin, ZombieRP superadmin, FORP superadmin, TTT (super)admin.

90+ hours on DarkRP.

Forum » TTT Discussion » Ban Appeals » Tetra's Ban Appeal (Denied.)
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