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Custom Faction Application: The Outcast
supsup21Date: Thursday, 2013-04-04, 11:50 PM | Message # 1
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Okay, okay, before you all start tearing me to pieces about how i've posted alot of applications recently, + anouther custom faction application, just read this;
Guard got permission from Matt already for me to post this.
OOC): So, basically, last Sunday, Me, Guard, and Kalith had an event, having to do with a pre war bomb set to detonate in the Enclave base. (IC): So Travis O'Nelly belayed BoS orders, and went to save the Enclave, due to respecting his enemies, and fighting fairly. Travis O'Nelly was hit with a laser by a mysterious traveler (Most likely BoS trying to stop him) who then fled into the wasteland. Travis almost made it into the Enclave base, but collapsed on the road, due to loss of blood. Corporal Bradley (Enclave) took me into the base, after examining me. General Hummel argued with Corporal Bradley, and Private Brandon. Hummel almost killed two of his men, but decided not to, and raged in drunken stupor within his office. Later that day, Travis told them about the bomb, and died shortly afterwards in the Enclave medical bay. (Perma-Killed. Dont even mention it.) (Editors Cut: Matt gave me permission to start a new Brotherhood of Steel character.) Janelle Stoneskin was the apprentice of Travis O'Nelly, and met up with the Enclave at their base, proving that she was no threat by helping them find the bomb. Later that day a large explosion, followed by a small mushroom cloud was seen/heard in the distance, in a nearby lake. General Hummel, Corporal Bradley, Private Brandon, Serena Johnson, and Janelle Stoneskin were present during Travis O'Nelly's funeral, after building his tombstone. Shortly after, Helek Gershom, came in and placed a warrant for General Hummel's arrest. General Helek snapped one of the Follower's neck during his touch down, while being escorted by two tesla guards. Janelle, Brandon, and Bradley were full of rage, and decided that they wanted to excape the Enclave and plan the release of General Hummel. Shortly after, Brandon left to get some supplies, while Janelle and Brad established a cave base. Janelle fully decided she wanted to start a group witht he rest of the guys to rebuild what should be the Enclave & BoS.


- supsup21
Guard55Date: Friday, 2013-04-05, 6:19 AM | Message # 2
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It was epic. Oh and you forgot the big detail where Helek Gershom is going to firebomb our base.

KalithDate: Friday, 2013-04-05, 6:48 AM | Message # 3
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+Support since I clearly support that IC
Dropped_ElkDate: Friday, 2013-04-05, 7:20 AM | Message # 4
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I already accepted your Silver dirt app and now already applying for a second?

Added (2013-04-05, 7:20 AM)
Im locking this for now user's are limited to one faction per player

Owner of [LtB] Serious Fallout RP
Forum » Fallout RP discussion » Faction applications » Custom Faction Application: The Outcast (^)
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