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Forum » Fallout RP discussion » Faction applications » Enclave Application: Joseph Krantz
Enclave Application: Joseph Krantz
TravelerDate: Tuesday, 2013-03-19, 9:38 PM | Message # 1
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[b]Name:[/b]  Dr. Joseph Harold Krantz

[b]BackStory ( At least 10 lines ) :[/b]
Born May 8th, 2229 on the Enclave Oil Rig.  Krantz was the apprentice of his father, Dr.Harold Joseph Krantz, whom was a college of Augustus Autumn Senior.  Joseph remained under his father’s tutelage upuntil the destruction of the Oil Rig in 2242. Joseph was only 13 when this occurred.

His father went with Autumn Senior across the wastes and took upresidence at Raven Rock.  It was here
that Joseph’s education into the world of Energy Weaponry continued and
flourished.  Joseph’s father died in 2266, and it was with his passing that Joseph was dubbed, “Doctor,” and was
assigned to work within Raven Rock to help maintain, study, reverse engineer,
and repair the manufacture of energy weapons for the Enclave.

In 2277, when civil war broke out in Raven Rock,Krantz and a few of his fellow scientists stole a Vertibird and linked up with
Enclave personnel in Illinois.  However,
to better serve the enclave, Dr. Krantz has been listed as a “high value asset”
and assigned to lend his services to the Enclave locations that need his
abilities as a weapons engineer the most.

He has spent the last 3 years traveling to several different locationsto teach other Enclave scientists on the design, operation, and maintenance of
energy weaponry.  He has also been
studying pre-war power armor and energy weapons, in the hope to find ways to
improve upon Enclave designs.  However,
this project is mostly secret, and carried out in his own spare time.

[b]What are your talents :[/b] Energy Weapons Engineering, Pre War Tech Reverse Engineering

[b]Do you wish to be a Scientist or a soldier? :[/b] Scientist

[b]Why Should we take you?[/b] Would have to be a fool to turn away such a brilliant mind.  Ultimately your call though.  However can you afford to turn away someone like me?


[b]Why do you want to join the enclave ? :[/b] One of my favorite groups from the series.  Plus when it comes to RP I always enjoy playing "villainous" sorts, hiding in the shadows.

[b]Why should we take you?[/b] I'm a veteran Role Player of many mediums.  Forums, MMO's, game mods, ect.  However I'm new to Gmod, so if you can bare with that aspect, I think I'd be a credit to the group as a whole.

[b]What is the goal of the Enclave ? To reclaim the US of A, Mutant free![/b]

[b]Did you already play as an Enclave Member in another server?[/b] Nope.

[b]Do you understand that you CAN die even if you wear a Power Armore?[/b]  Yes.

[b]Did you read all the Enclave Related pages on the Wiki ( See below) ?[/b] Yes.

[b]Do you understand that the Encalve is mainly a Passive-RP Faction?[/b] Yes.

[b]Do you understand that You WON'T be outside running around in PA While playing as Enclave?[/b] I'd expect as much.

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TheJeffDate: Tuesday, 2013-03-19, 9:40 PM | Message # 2
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Great app, brodeo.
KaizorDate: Wednesday, 2013-03-20, 7:41 AM | Message # 3
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Oh my god, for once the talents actually make sense with the back story. And the back story looks good. The goal looks good, though I don't know that much about the Enclave, from what I know that seems to be accurate. Though I'm not sure if the year it is in-server actually melds with the years you have in your back story, this still looks very good. +support.

"One of you is going to die, and it's going to be both of you." "That wasn't RDM, that was faggot smighting." -Insanity

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Dropped_ElkDate: Sunday, 2013-03-24, 4:09 PM | Message # 4
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This app has been accepted contact a super admin to add you to the whitelist.

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Forum » Fallout RP discussion » Faction applications » Enclave Application: Joseph Krantz
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