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Forum » Fallout RP discussion » Faction applications » Jeff's Application for a... Ghoul!
Jeff's Application for a... Ghoul!
TheJeffDate: Monday, 2013-03-11, 9:36 PM | Message # 1
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[OOC Info] 
OOC Name: 
Steam ID: Reb Brown (Formerly TheJeff1488)
What you are applying for: A ghoul character.
Why do you want this char?: I've Rp'd a ghoul before, It will prove an interesting bit of roleplay for others. Good for Passive.
By applying you accept the responsibilities of having the char, and know that by having this char it may be removed if found that you are abusing: Yes, I do. I've never broken a rule or abused my power before.
Proof of Admin support (Must be the equivalent of one SA or higher and must be a legible screenshot):

[IC info] 
Character Name: Toadstool (Former name of Fredd Child)
Age: 253
Sex: Male
Backstory: Fredd was born May 26th, 2035. He was very eccentric as a child, he used to collect random items he found on the ground. Bottlecaps, actual bottles, shiny pieces of metal, anything really. He was interested in machinery, though he never excelled in science and math as a child. When he grew up, he took a job in Nuka Cola bottling factories in his home town of Golden, Colorado. Every once in a while he'd pocket a cap or two, but then he'd just end up losing them. He never got over the taste of Nuka, even if he had always drunken it, he couldn't get enough.

But, that faithful day when the bombs dropped... He wasn't in some posh vault, or underground bunker. No, he was in the basement of the deserted Nuka Cola factory, silently drinking out the last of the Cola. Then, the shakes. No doubt the bombs scorching the lands outside, he wasn't afraid of dying in a place he loved. Then.. He blacked out, no clue how long he had been out for. He felt different, maybe he had ascended to heaven, though he was in his jumper and all the bottles were surrounding him. He was hot, too. Very hot, and he had no clue why. Then it clicked, he had survived, he had survived the bombing. Fredd was over-joyed, and he grabbed a few bottles and came up from the the basement, and before his eyes was pure horror. Windows shattered, walls torn down and machines taken by the blast, the outside was even worse. Miles after miles of heat, and dead plants. He wondered why he wasn't dead, or even melting... Nothing seemed to be wrong. He went to look for food and other supplies in the work room, and set out. It seemed that he had been out for at least a week, from what he saw. In reality it had been a few hours, though he didn't know that. Miles after miles of crumbled buildings and hot asphalt. It seemed to be all dead, everything but him. Sometimes he had found buildings with food and water, and.. dead scorched bodies. Something else was happening, which he thought was just his imagination, his hair was fallout out and his skin was 'chipping'. After a few months, he met people similar to him. They shared stories, and traveled. After a few years of travelling, people were creating towns and new civilizations, tribes even. He had no sense of direction, he could have been anywhere. Nights weren't safe, he hadn't found a gun and, there was a name for his condition. People called him a ghoul, ran him out of places. He had no left eyelid, and parts of his skull were showing. He had little hair, and only could travel. The few ghouls he met on the trail simply ignored him, and continued on their way.. It had been a long time, and he decided to settle down. He found a very very small community of ghouls, about 4 or 5, and learned about the current state of the wastes. Bottle Caps were currency, you needed a gun. They trained him in basic gun safety, and loaned him a pistol. He lost all sense of time, he sometimes saw large groups of people in strange blue jumpsuits, and they sometimes shot at him. He had forgotten his name, and the ghouls at camp called him Toadstool, that was his new name. He was slowly going insane, or, feral. He collected Nuka Cola bottles, and put them in his make-shift home. A strange fungus was growing on his left shoulder, and he found his way to the wastes of some place in California, he had walked all the way to California. That of course had no effect on Fr- Toadstool, all he cared for was nuka cola. 

He never quite went insane, somewhere in between. He understood basic english, and could breathe some words out. 

( Hope this is enough, he would be a character to play whenever, I suppose. )
Dropped_ElkDate: Tuesday, 2013-03-12, 10:40 AM | Message # 2
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Dude this is amazing
+support on your application 

.Great use of Fallout lore
.Appropriate means of becoming a ghoul
.Has great RP skills to properly use this character

Added (2013-03-12, 10:40 AM)

Quote (TheJeff)

Such a classy conversation we had that night.

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KaizorDate: Tuesday, 2013-03-12, 4:40 PM | Message # 3
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I trust Elk, so + support. I've also done a quick look over your app for the ghoul, and I approve of it. Looks good.

"One of you is going to die, and it's going to be both of you." "That wasn't RDM, that was faggot smighting." -Insanity
PrideTheArrogantDate: Saturday, 2013-03-16, 4:38 PM | Message # 4
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I'm a glowing one ;D

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Dropped_ElkDate: Sunday, 2013-03-24, 4:11 PM | Message # 5
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Already accepted Locked

Owner of [LtB] Serious Fallout RP
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