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Bos App
FebidomanDate: Friday, 2013-03-08, 4:32 PM | Message # 1
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[b]Name:[/b]  Jack Hunter

[b]BackStory ( At least 10 lines ) :[/b] 
[During the war]
Sure, he hated being cooped up in a vault with cards.
But Vault 21 was his only hope. He had hated the cold nights. But the nuke war was dangerous,
This is one of his worst moments yet. Someone in the vault was fighting. Their screams and yells were deafening, but he just ignored.
The war was almost over, so he couldn't wait til' a few more years. He was only eight. Everyone protected him.

[Aftermath]He was thirty-Eight. Now he was scavenging and getting bottlecaps.
He was lucky to find a Nuka-Cola. He drank it, and took the cap.
He had always wondered what the NCR were upto, but he hated them.
He saw men walking in and out of hidden valley. They wore power armor. He decided to keep out of sight.

[b]What are your talents :[/b] 
Technology, Laser Weapons, Lockpicking and melee.

[b]Wich Path do you want to take ( Military or Civil ) ? :[/b]
I would like to take the Military path. 

[b]Why Should we take you?[/b] 
Because I am a good addition to many people. I have a lot of skill and talent.


[b]Why do you want to join the BoS ? :[/b] 
Because I've always been interested in their history.
I enjoy playing Fallout. But the brotherhood of steel is the best part of it.

[b]Why should we take you?[/b] 
Because I have good Roleplay skills, and know everything about FALLOUT: New Vegas.

[b]What is the goal of the BoS ?[/b] 
To boost the economy and create a better life.
[b]Did you already played as a BoS Member in another server?[/b] 
Yes, I was in a server that shut down.
[b]Do you understand that you are not a walking tank with a Power Armor?[/b] 
[b]Do you readed all the BoS Related pages on the Wiki ( See below) ?[/b]
ElmagicboudhaDate: Friday, 2013-03-08, 5:29 PM | Message # 2
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First of all, The War was 200 years ago, I doubt this char lived it if you want to play him.  Also, you never stated how you got inside the BoS. You should know that the Goal of the BoS is far from creating a better life, you must be thinking of the FO:3 BoS, but those were retarded so...  -Support
KaizorDate: Sunday, 2013-03-10, 10:57 AM | Message # 3
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Okay, first off your back story is not ten lines, second off you never explained how your character got those talents, and you fail to understand the goal of the Brotherhood of Steel. Not to mention this is very bare bones. So -support.

"One of you is going to die, and it's going to be both of you." "That wasn't RDM, that was faggot smighting." -Insanity
John_DDate: Sunday, 2013-03-10, 11:16 AM | Message # 4
Good luck, I'm behind 7 proxies!
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Yeah your backstory doesn't follow any form of fallout canon regarding the war.

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Dropped_ElkDate: Tuesday, 2013-03-12, 10:16 AM | Message # 5
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This application is Denied

. Back story is not long enough
.Failed to use Fallout lore appropriately
.Brotherhood goal is all wrong

Owner of [LtB] Serious Fallout RP
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