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Followers of the Apocalypse application
AngealDate: Friday, 2013-03-01, 7:44 PM | Message # 1
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[OOC Info]
OOC Name: Angeal
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16195506
What you are applying for: Followers of the Apocalypse
Why do you want this char?: I would like this character because I like the idea of being someone that's not in the wasteland for themselves but for everyone who needs help.
By applying you accept the responsibilities of having the char, and
know that by having this char it may be removed if found that you are
Proof of Admin support (Must be the equivalent of one SA or higher and must be a legible screenshot):

[IC info]
Character Name: Angeal
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Backstory: Angeal grew up in a small mining town outside of both Legion and NCR control along with his Mother Michelle, Father Clyde and Older Sister Sam. Angeal being the youngest didn't work much and spent most of his time wandering town and reading any Old-World books that came from the Caravans. One year during a dry season a band of raiders came to the dusty town and started taking everything that wasn't nailed down and shooting anyone that tried to stop them. Clyde was working in the mine while Angeal, Michelle and Sam were at home. Everyone in the town had heard the shots from the Sheriff's failed attempt to stop the raiders and had barricaded their homes or shops. Michelle had a shotgun ready for them when they came in, but she wasn't ready for the amount of raiders in the party. Within seconds Michelle was gunned down, Sam and Angeal had hidden in the wardrobe in the back room. Quickly found they were tied up and put in a cart with a few others from the town. Once the raid was over some of the raiders came back and wheeled them into the wastes. Through a stroke of luck the remaining raiders were attacked in the middle of the night by another band of raiders. Once again we were being moved to who knows where.

Maybe a week after being taken prisoner by another band of raiders we were let out of the cart to be sold as slaves to the legion. The man who moved us to a tent to be numbered and cataloged asked for age and skills. Many were marked for manual labor, Some were marked to be sold again elsewhere in the wasteland...Sam being one of them. While Angeal was marked for medical and mechanical work. Better than breaking his back but treatment from others left him wondering if it's better to be set apart from everyone else.

Sam was scheduled to be shipped out in four days.

In the middle of night Angeal went to talk to Sam before she was to be shipped out to be sold. They both knew it was going to be the last time they would see each other. They tried to make the time last, but the knowledge that soon Sam would be sold spoiled any joy they could have. As the sun was rising and the time Sam would leave was soon upon them. Deciding she wasn't going to be a slave she slipped a knife out of her sleeve. Angeal not knowing what she was going to do watched in horror as his own sister ended her life right before his eyes. Angeal didn't know how to react to the death of his own sister, much less how to explain it to the guards. They assumed he had killed her and brought him before the leader of the camp.  The leader had short black hair and wore a vest with L.A.P.D printed on the right side. Angeal's hands were tied in front of him and he grunted as he was forced to his knees before the Centurion.

The confrontation with the Centurion was short as he did not want to deal with any small problems. It was decided that Angeal would take his sister's place in the cart. After a few days on the road Angeal got an idea to escape. For a few hours he groaned as if in pain before finally collapsing in the cart. Several hours later after the guards had stopped for the night they dumped Angeal out of the cart where he lay for a few hours after that. Once he was sure that EVERYONE was asleep he slowly got up, struggling while his hands were still bound and started running away before anyone noticed his body was missing.

After a few days of wandering the wastes, barely surviving on food he could find growing here and there he finally found a town. Unsure of what kind of people lived there he sneaked around to watch for anyone. Not long after he was found by two merchants passing by and soon found the town to have good people in it, not raiders. They gave him food and some clothes, which was by far better than the clothes he's been wearing ever since being taken by the raiders what seems like forever ago. He ate the meal hastily and was given a room to stay until he found another town to go to, if he ever left.

He was Finally somewhere safe and eventually left the town after meeting a New Canaanite who told Angeal stories of the Followers of the Apocalypse. He followed the Missionary to the Boneyard to join the Followers, Eventually being sent to help in the Mojave.

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Dropped_ElkDate: Tuesday, 2013-03-05, 10:08 AM | Message # 2
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This app has been Accepted

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