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Forum » Fallout RP discussion » Lore » Bismarck Ferdinand, Part II
Bismarck Ferdinand, Part II
EzioTheFrenchiardDate: Wednesday, 2013-03-13, 8:46 PM | Message # 1
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Whilst traveling the desert, you come across an old campsite. A Raider's body lays on the ground. Next to him lay several broken knives, a destroyed pilot's helmet, an emptied out backpack, and a battered holotape. You turn on the tape. A deep voice with a German accent speaks. Another one of this Bismarck's holotapes! You listen, intrigued.

To whom it may concern,

Two months. That's how long it took us to reach what used to be Russia. My father and I were starving, rabid animals. We had lost our ten millimeter handgun and machete in a struggle with some Raiders. I had a long gash along my forehead and my father had a bullet wound in his stomach. The cold of the nuclear winter greeted us as we arrived at a mountain pass. I saw figures in the snow. I shouted out to them. One of them turned, raised something, and yelled for us to stop. My father yanked on his rope reins, and our brahmin stopped moving. One of the figures approached. He wore very strange plated armor, which looked like something thrown together with scrap. It was very heavy, clunked whenever he stepped, and muffled his voice. "Who are you?" He asked. "We're humble caravaneers, looking for a place to lodge." My father replied. The armored man looked over to his men and shouted something in a language I didn't know. "How about you lodge in our Vertibird?" He asked, casually firing his already raised rifle. And just like that, my father fell, face down, in the snow, a bullet between his eyes. I vaguely remember a blunt force to the back of my head before falling unconscious. Pain. Pain and loss are the only two things I feel when I wake up. I quickly sit up. A woman sat in front of me, wearing similar armor to that of my father's killer. "Hey there, little buddy..." She said gently. "I'm sorry about what happened to your father... Niles was executed this morning for murdering a civilian." She said to me. I nodded quietly. "We're on our way to a nice little town called Anchorage. We'll get you some good food and a bed there. We're currently flying over a big ocean called the Bering Sea." She said, smiling. I nodded, and before I could reply, fall back unconscious. I awaken-

The holotape is suddenly interrupted by shouts and gunfire. An impact sound is heard, then nothing more. You get up and follow the small blood trail leading away from the camp.
Forum » Fallout RP discussion » Lore » Bismarck Ferdinand, Part II
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