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Bismarck Ferdinand
EzioTheFrenchiardDate: Wednesday, 2013-03-13, 4:35 PM | Message # 1
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As you enter the store, you notice its empty, except for a holotape. You walk over, fiddle with it, and it turns on. You listen as you rest. The voice is deep, with a thick accent, which seems to be German.

To whom is may concern,

My name is Bismarck. I am named after the founder of the glorious country of Germany, Otto Von Bismarck. I was born in Berlin... or what used to be Berlin. Nowadays it is known as Hoffnung... Hope in German. I was the son of a caravaneer and a mercenary. I grew up on troubled streets, where violence was often and lynchings were not unheard of. Our people hated China, after so many years... they launched a nuclear missile at the British, but it shutdown mid-flight, and happened to crash right into Hamburg, Germany. We joined on the side of the Americans. China sent dozens of nukes at us, and we fired back. The war ended shortly afterwards. After the bombings, the land was still heavily irradiated. My mother had suffered radiation poisoning, due to us living in the old Parliament building... she died two days after I was born. The day I turned ten, my father gave me a present; a ten millimeter sidearm. I kept it concealed and loaded in my waistband at all times. Now, before you ask: "Why exactly do you need a goddamned handgun at ten years old?", Hoffnung, despite its welcoming name, was very, very violent as I mentioned earlier. I had happened to become the enemy of a notorious child gang, called Die Partisanen, or The Partisans. Their leader and his girlfriend approached me two weeks later. He had a machete in one hand and a nine millimeter sidearm in the other. His girl held a small caliber rifle, which had a missing barrel. A combat knife was mounted in its place. He screamed at me: "You will die, just like your mother, the pig!". I was mad. Very. I ripped my gun out of my waistband and aimed right at his skull. His eyes widened, and he dropped his gun. A word formed on his lips the second before my bullet split his skull open. A neat little hole opened itself up on his head, and he collapsed. His chick screamed out and rushed me. I aimed at her and put a round through her heart. She recoiled and fell onto the boy's body, her back thudding onto the boy's gun. I quickly grabbed his machete and ran. My father had his wagon ready. I knew that bad things were going to happen, since I had just murdered two gangsters. I only remember telling him one word. "Ride.". And then I lulled into unconsciousness, thinking about the atrocity I had just committed. End holotape one.

The tape ends as you finish a drink of water. You vaguely hope that more tapes are out there, the life seems interesting so far. You get up and leave the abandoned storefront, greeted by the hot Mojave Desert.

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