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Forum » TTT Discussion » Server Discussion » My last words. (What I have to say one last time.)
My last words.
Shame_The_MeekDate: Wednesday, 2013-02-20, 8:55 PM | Message # 1
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I can honestly say playing on this server was great. In fact it was the best thing I have ever played. I had been playing on it since when it was just supposed to be a temporary thing. Sadly all great things must come to an end. Just a before-hand I would like to apologize to the following: Cross, Pride, and many more. I would like to apologize for everything I've done and that I would expect nothing more from you guys. You have to be some of the best guys I have ever met. Lets start with Cross. You helped me learn how to play (even though I already knew how). You took the time out of your life to help me find a patch for my guns because I didn't have CS:S. You played with me a total of 7 hours, from 12:45 to now. I had only known you for a day but I can say that you are one of the best friends I've ever had. Now Pride. There is no explaining the wrong I have done to you. I have not only tried to fool you, But I also have betrayed you. I am sorry for the way I snapped at you. I have anger management issues and generally try to keep those emotions inside. It works until I get worked up. You were always there for me. I had always counted on you and you were always so nice to me. I wish I could take back everything. I wish I could prove that I wasn't lieing when I said I thought Derppie hacked. I wish I could just be friends again with you. I'm ashamed of myself to go as low as to but another game copy just to play on the server. I wanted to play normally again with people that I grew to love like Jaykay, cookie, And I guess I could even say JFK. So incase you have read this far for some odd reason or you just wish to troll, here are my words. I write these words with what I hope to be the last tear to drop, but I know its far from it. I'm sorry

EDIT: Thats just the problem though Pride, You said you didn't play other games much. And you have to know that I spent my money just to get back to this great community, I get what your saying would be true. But why would I go through all of the trouble, Even spend my money, If I didn't care?

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PrideTheArrogantDate: Wednesday, 2013-02-20, 9:16 PM | Message # 2
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I was completely fine with you after I banned your first account. I even told you multiple times that I wanted you to know it wasn't a personal thing, and that we could still play together on any other games. I was completely fine with you.

Then you brought an alt account on, changed names every so often, and while I was on, did absolutely nothing. If you truly were sorry, you would have accepted your ban instead of having an alt. If you thought what I said about playing with you on other games was good, you would haven't broken yet ANOTHER rule.

DarkRP superadmin, ZombieRP superadmin, FORP superadmin, TTT (super)admin.

90+ hours on DarkRP.

Forum » TTT Discussion » Server Discussion » My last words. (What I have to say one last time.)
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