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CHEFIS's app for a BoS
CHEFISDate: Thursday, 2013-04-04, 1:50 AM | Message # 1
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[b][i]IC-[/i][/b] 'Scarlet'

[b]Name:[/b]  CHEFIS

[b]BackStory ( At least 10 lines ) :[/b] Scarlet was abandoned as a child, from her parents, who died later after her leaving of Vault. She lived in the wasteland, before becoming expierenced across many places, while she slowly grew older, and better with her skills. She found out her father was never killed, but became the General of the Enclave Base. She lived there, before running away from fear, and disobeying. She went to a small town in the area, meeting new people, and buying items from CC. She met more and more people from the town, before lending in a defend against the Enclave on the town for her. She followed the town's mayor, defending the town from new Enclave machines. (The Manhack event.) She asked the CC owner if she could join, he agreed, and Scarlet was in the Crimson Caravan, before making enough caps from that to leave the town into a different area. She made it to New York, where the old ruins are. Passing many Prospector bases, she came by a unoccupied tower with a few technology inside. She owned the building, and met a Giant Ant. She named him 'Scar', from the big S on his forehead. She found out the Enclave where at the New York area also. She has no follow up from whats going on, but she thinks something is going on, from some minor attacks from Enclave, and Prospectors. Shes protected her building with help from the Follower's Of The Apocalypse. She can't hold off her building for long,and she needs a group to help her restore order, and drive away the Enclave, who are attacking the town, and taking many things, from the BoS, being attacked by New Californian Rangers, Caesar's Legion, and Enclave. She thinks she can help keep the town from Enclave, defending it, and helping Brother Of Steel helping them with supplies, and a building for research.

[b]What are your talents :[/b]  Scarlet has been in a couple societys, while fitting into small places, minor technology, and firing.

[b]Wich Path do you want to take ( Military or Civil ) ? :[/b]  Civil, but Military if needed.

[b]Why Should we take you?[/b] Scarlet wants to restore order to the area of her surroundings, as she has valuable information, and a area for BoS to help.


[b]Why do you want to join the BoS ? :[/b]  It would help my character's background, and will help me get accepted more into the server, from my previous actions.

[b]Why should we take you?[/b]  I've had expierence in the group, and I think it would really help out my Character's RP.

[b]What is the goal of the BoS ?[/b]  To keep order in the new world, and make a way to help people to a new world.

[b]Did you already played as a BoS Member in another server?[/b]  Yes. I've been accepted on two other Fallout servers as Brother Of Steel.

[b]Do you understand that you are not a walking tank with a Power Armor?[/b] Yes, I will mostly stay in the old Vault for Passive RP.
[b]Do you readed all the BoS Related pages on the Wiki ( See below) ?[/b] No.
Guard55Date: Thursday, 2013-04-04, 1:42 PM | Message # 2
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I'm Barkley, and I approve this message. Now give me a massage.

KalithDate: Thursday, 2013-04-04, 10:50 PM | Message # 3
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Your character apparently hates the BoS now so I'm neutral. :P
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