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Insanity's BoS App
KaizorDate: Saturday, 2013-03-09, 12:09 PM | Message # 1
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[b]Name: Boris Tyriam

[b]BackStory ( At least 10 lines ) 
I don't remember when I was born, nor do I remember many names of the people I've encountered, so I'll try to be as accurate as possible. From a young age, being a really good soldier always interested me, as per most boys my age, and protecting the future. Though, due to me working with my 2 other brothers and five other sisters on a farm, I was not really sure how to accomplish this task I really wanted to do. On occasion, raiders would attack the Tyriam family farm, and we would repel them, yes. That was fun, to be honest. To know that I was preserving our future was even better. But, then after that it was the normal farm work, feeding Brahim, repairing the house, so on and so forth. My brother Danislav wasn't really into that sort of thing, neither was Artyom, so I was alone in that dream. But that was fine, because I kinda liked working alone, being with my own thoughts. Then, maybe 6 or 7 years later, Danislav took the families money, and ran off to go join the NCR or something. I could understand, he was chasing his dream. I just didn't have the guts to do what he did. So, unable to feed the Brahim, we either sold them or killed them. We could eat for a few months, but after that....that's when it got messy. With no money to buy ourselves any sort of food, and no animal to eat, and lowering supplies of ammo for when raiders attacked, everything seemed hopeless. That's when my sister, Sasha, died of starvation in the middle of the night. My father put forward that eating her would make us stay alive, but the mere idea of it disgusted all of us, and my mother threw him outside for the night. When we went outside to go check on him, he had been torn apart by wild animals. My sister, Natalie, was unable to cope with all of this. So she killed herself. And now, remembering this, I question why I am unable to feel sorrow for them. Sure, remembering my father's torn-up corpse brings tears to my eyes, but what about Sasha and Natalie? ...This is something I need to think about. Anyways, back to the story. My last brother, Artyom, took a revolver out of our weapon storage and headed out into the wasteland. That left me, my mother, my sister Sylvia, and my other two sisters Jane and Raechal. We were suppost to live, suppost to preserve our future. I was suppost to preserve our future, I was suddenly the man in the house. I don't remember my age, but I knew I was fairly young, so this was difficult. And I really didn't have anything to do. With only a .32 Rifle, we couldn't do a good job of defending ourselves against raiders, especially since we only have 5 or six bullets left. I think, anyways. So we knew that staying here would get us killed. And mother couldn't take it, couldn't take all the grief of her two sons abandoning her, and her husband and Natalie's and Sasha's deaths. So she gave up, refused to eat what little food we could round up. Then the raiders came. They killed mother, and took Jane before I could stop them. So it was me and Raechal and Sylvia. We decided that staying here was a terrible idea, so we went to the nearest town, Collingwood, and stayed there for a few nights. Then Sylvia left... And, to make matters worse, Raechal went out into the wasteland to go scavenge, and I never saw her again. I remember spending countless hours waiting for Raechal, or Sylvia, but to no avail. So I, nearly giving up on life, went out into the wasteland to search for Raechal. I was walking along, when out of no where somebody smacks me in the back of the head with the butt of a rifle, or maybe a pistol, I don't know. I could feel them looting me, thinking I was unconscious.  But no, I was in some sort of semi-conscious state where I could barely see. I knew me head was bleeding, I could feel the hot blood dripping down. When he was done, he shot me in the stomach. Twice. He turned and talked to somebody, maybe his friend, I could barely see. I was dead. I would never get the chance to help the future. When I saw light glinting off something metal, and some flash of light. I heard a scream, and someone running. Another flash. Silence, besides what sounded like metal boots stomping on the ground. That's when my will faded, that's when everything went black. The last thing I can remember after that, is a conversation between two people. It went something like this...   "Will he make it?" "Does it really matter to you?" "You know we need me initiates." "You're seriously thinking of recruiting him?". Then everything went black again.
[b]What are your talents?
I am quite strong, due to working on a farm when I was younger. I know to obey, for I have been doing it my entire life. And, due to our farm being constantly attack by raiders, I am a crack shot. At least, that's what my brothers and sisters used to say.
[b]Wich Path do you want to take ( Military or Civil ) ? 
Military Path, for that is the best way to assist the Brotherhood, in my eyes.

[b]Why Should we take you?
I am very obedient to the Brotherhood, I would know my place in the Brotherhood, and I would die for the Brotherhood. The preservation of pre-war technology and human knowledge for future generations is one of the noblest things you can do, and one of the smartest. I will die for this cause, if the time comes. I will follow every order. Roger Maxson was a brilliant man, the founder of the Brotherhood, and one of the best soldiers in history. Let me help your cause. Please.


[b]Why do you want to join the BoS ? 
I absolutely adore the Brotherhood of Steel, I think it'd be very interesting to play as them, for I never have.
[b]Why should we take you?
I know how to RP, I have had lots of experience with it. Granted, most of it was in Warcraft 3, but I still know not to powergame, not to metagame, and not to abuse any sort of power over others. If I didn't know these things, I wouldn't be an admin on a HL2RP server.
[b]What is the goal of the BoS ?
To preserve pre-war technology and human knowledge for for the benefit of future generations.
[b]Did you already played as a BoS Member in another server? 
No, I have not. Though I have played as a CP on a HL2RP server.
[b]Do you understand that you are not a walking tank with a Power Armor?
Yes, I understand. Having Power-Armored troops in the Brotherhood-NCR war over HELIOS one didn't really help Elder Elijah, since his troops were not impervious by any means.
[b]Do you readed all the BoS Related pages on the Wiki?  [/color][color=#444444]Yes, I have.

"One of you is going to die, and it's going to be both of you." "That wasn't RDM, that was faggot smighting." -Insanity
PrideTheArrogantDate: Saturday, 2013-03-09, 12:15 PM | Message # 2
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ElmagicboudhaDate: Sunday, 2013-03-10, 3:59 AM | Message # 3
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You are a great Rp'er and I liked your Background, This was also the best description of the goal of the BoS I ever saw. +Support
KaizorDate: Sunday, 2013-03-10, 6:22 PM | Message # 4
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Thanks guys. ^^

"One of you is going to die, and it's going to be both of you." "That wasn't RDM, that was faggot smighting." -Insanity
Forum » Fallout RP discussion » Faction applications » Insanity's BoS App (Approved by the association of global cats.)
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