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Bismarck Ferdinand, Finale
EzioTheFrenchiardDate: Wednesday, 2013-03-13, 9:06 PM | Message # 1
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As you arrive in the small town of Collingwood, you notice the blood trail lead into a building. You enter. It is labeled "Infirmary", and it is deserted. A small, bloodstained holotape lies on a table. You walk over and turn it on. Sure enough, it's Bismarck, but his voice is much weaker than before.

To whom it may concern,

My story picks up twelve years later. The so called Brotherhood of Steel that had saved me sent me to a small town known as Anchorage, in the United States of America. They usually had left us alone, but recent Raider attacks caused many to die. The Brotherhood of Steel "evacuated" us, when in reality they shot the men, raped and murdered the women, imprisoned the children, and let some of each live. My caretaker, Liza, was accidentally shot in the chest. She had died instantly and fell into the snow. I was hit in the skull with a weapon butt and put into a Vertibird, which is sort of like a helicopter. I woke up on a stretcher, and the first thing I had felt was heat. Intense, boiling heat. I looked up. Not many of us were left, already a pile of corpses had accumulated off to the left of me. I drifted in and out of consciousness, and the time where I woke up for good, I was in a cell. A prison cell. A man lay next to me, chained to a wall, half of his skull missing. A woman lay opposite to me, also dead, her throat slashed. These were to become my companions for the next two years. The day I was freed, they were skeletons. They didn't rot. I had to eat them to survive the next few weeks. The guards that sometimes patrolled gave me stale bread. I ate that after I ate them. The Brotherhood, did not free me, no. A large explosion shattered the wall next to me, waking me up. Stunned, I peered through the smoke. A young woman, who was barely clothed, stood in front of me. "Get up!" She yelled, holding a stick of dynamite. I struggled to push myself up, shrapnel all in my leg. I managed to rise to my feet. The entire world was smoking, deafened around me. She pushed me forcefully into the open. A small, circular object pressed against the back of my head. A large group of people lay in cover about ten feet away, throwing dynamite at the facility. "There's a campsite past our blockade." She said, guiding me past the sappers. "Take what you need, we have knives, clothing, backpacks, and military gear. Then, get the hell out of here. I don't want you to die like the others will." She said. She shoved me. "Go, get out of here!" I sprinted away from the facility and made it to the camp. Gear was shattered, all over the place. A man was impaled on a spear. A sign at the tip said, in crude writing: "BOOMERS MUST DIE.". I ran over to his body and yanked the helmet on his head off. What was left of his head fell out. I grabbed the pack next to him, which was bulky with something. I sprinted for what seemed like hours, slowed to a jog, and then a walk. I set up a camp quickly, and decided to rest. I heard gunshots, and then more, separate ones. A man in spiked armor ran at me, swinging a metal bat. He hits me right in the head, the pilot's helmet across my face doing nothing to protect me. My vision blurred, and after a moment, the man collapses. I hear yelling voices, and I lose consciousness. I wake a few hours later. I will leave this note here for the nurse who saved my life... she looked rather familiar. End of final holotape.

Bismarck's voice goes silent as the tape ends. You set it to rewind, stand up, and leave the infirmary. A young woman walks past you on the way out. So, this is Bismarck's surreal and violent path to the Mojave Desert.

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